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12.40 MegaByte
Unknown (the latest)
May 2005
TDM_[RMS_TITANIC]_[1912] &
F. Kalkman
dm_titanic (first version)
Not at all
Custom textures, axes & hammers,
+ secret hidden airboat feature.
This is the second map I made for HL2DM.
I always liked the story of the Titanic and the looks of the ship.
To help building this map, I had a scalemodel of the ship
@ 1/400th scale. I really measured parts,
and made sure the ship is @ 1:1 scale in game.
Because I knew what it looked like exactly
unlike Riverview, I could go on nonstop!
To me it was a challange if I could get it done.
Such huge vessel, fitting within the limits
of the HL2 engine. I tried before once, but
failed because of the limits of the HL1 engine.
I was amazed when I could walk over the decks
of the epic ship myself. It really was a specail
experiance for me. I had a great time building
this map/ship. Though I had some setbacks
in forms of bugs and limits. The rope manager
couldn't handle all the ropes. The water got
messed up, looking like something really weird.
And finally the moving water which is
now solved with a scrolling texture.
Though, the scrolling water texture doesn't
work in DX9, and the water looks ugly.
Tip: try "mat_dxlevel 80" and see it in the
way it's meant to be! Every ladder is climable and
every outside deck is accessible, and more!
Just get it, and enjoy this epic piece of map.
Best collection real Titanic images! (1.74MegaByte) • Maps