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 Post subject: Sony Playstation 3
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:53 pm 
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Playstation 3

This is a review of the 60gb version of the Playstation 3 since that is the current version I own.

Package info:
Sony Playstation 3 60gb edition
Wireless Six-axis controller
Ethernet cable
AV-Universal cable

The Playstation 3 must be one of the best looking consoles to date with its shiny and glancing design. it's sure to be the centre of most living rooms followed by a large HD-screen rather than in kids room.
The console itself just by the look of it looks extremely expensive (which it is) and most users wouldn’t dare touch the shiny surface of the PS3 due to the high likeliness of the console getting dirty and filled with finger prints rather quickly(I sure know I didn’t). Which is a big minus in its design because it can’t be put in well lit rooms because then all the finger prints and dust will become extremely visible and it ruins the flawless design.

The console itself is really heavy (about 7kg) so you get a real good feel of its high quality content when you install it for the first time.

Above all this is a really good looking console and only real minus would be that it isn’t made to be transported around because it gets scratched real easy. of course if you don’t mind that it's not a problem but i sure do. It's made to be in one place and stay there for quite some time.

Design score: [+9] extremely good looking
[-1]its shiny surface makes it a fingerprint and dust magnet.

The console itself perform extremely well. Though not all games announced for the PS3 is made for 1080p, which is what made the console so popular in the months before its release, it still runs the few games that do smoothly. The majority of games for the PS3 is made for 720p only which should be more than enough for most PS3 users.
One thing i did notice was that the graphics of the games was clearly better and with bloom effects on the Xbox 360 console even though i was putting the same game in both consoles. The game developers says that this is because they haven't "tamed" the powers of the console yet and haven’t maximized it's true capabilities yet, but come on, they've had developer version of the console for years so this is no real excuse. Just like in my other review of the Xbox 360 I'll have to say that lazy game developers are to blame for the poor games and the way they perform.

[+9] everything runs smoothly as it's supposed to. a true Sony product.
[-1] Lazy game developers

The controls are pretty much the same as they've always done it. the PS3 six-axis controller is basicly an slightly improved version of the PS2 controller only this time it doesn’t have the rumble feature. It has been replaced by an motion sensor that registers the way you move and tilt the controller and its used as an extra way of controlling certain games. Sony says the rumble feature would make the motion sensor malfunction so they didn’t put it. To me this feature is pretty much worthless. I would rather give the motion sensor in exchange for rumble any time.
The controller itself has also become a lot lighter (due to the missing rumble) which is a nice plus since it's wireless and wouldn’t feel nice in your hands if it hadn’t become lighter.
Sadly, the controller can’t match the PS3's superior quality. it squeak and makes weird plastic sounds if you twist it just a little bit in your hands plus the buttons is getting worned out rather quickly if you use it often.

[+7] OK controller.
[-3] Cheap plastic sorta feel.

The console it self supports all known formats. One format you should note is Blu-ray. I've already purchased a few Blu-ray discs and the quality is excellent. No bullshit just High-Definition entertainment at its best. The Playstation 3 games are also stored on Blu-ray which will probably mean that games will be much larger and with higher quality content (hopefully).
The PS3 also have memorystick inputs in the front which can be viewed by opening a small lit on the front. very handy if you want photoes displayed on the your TV easily. Photos can also be stored on the PS3's build-in harddrive for later display.
The PS3's graphical interface is pretty straigth forward. it's audio and video can be a bit tricky if you dont know what exactly your TV/sound system supports.
The interface also have it's own marketplace just like the Xbox 360, but unlike the Xbox 360 the amount of media and demoes are very limited; note VERY limited. Game developers has been giving years to develope games for this console but there still aint any good titles that is a "Must have" they're all in the future. so despite the fact that the console was released in marts there's so little content to use that you can hardly call the PS3 a gaming console, it's more a CD-player, blu-ray player at this stage of it's life circle. Mine's currently being used for blu-ray/dvd-player but hopefully that will change once games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft auto is out.
plus, the online friend function is pretty much not existing. It has a small tab for your friends list but you'd probably be better off not using it and just stick with random matches on the net. But in general I'm more like a PC gamer when it comes to online chatting and talking with friends. so i cant really comment on that because I prefer using my consoles for single player games.

[+6] Nice functional user interface
[-4] Just no good games to play and poor online chat functions.

Overall: 8 out of 10

This is a really good console but without any fun titles to play on it, it just doesnt go as a gaming console. This will hopefully change in a very near future since most people have waited more than 2-3 years for this console since it was first announced. But if some real good "must have" titles come to the console it's gonna be one hell of a asskicking console!
so it's getting an 8 for it's potential.

 Post subject: Re: Sony Playstation 3
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 6:08 pm 
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very good and detailed review.
it has all the details the consumer need/want to know.
if i review this review i review it as an 9 out of 10. :)
and its a true shame gta4 is delayed to next year!
It would do so much good for this console.

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